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About  Us

Shandong Lingke Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Weifang, Shandong Province, a modern open city with the reputation of "the World Kite capital". It is located in Qingdao in the East and Rizhao in the south. It is a professional environmental protection company engaged in sewage treatment technology research and development, environmental protection equipment manufacturing, environmental protection water treatment engineering design, construction, installation, commissioning, environmental protection engineering technology services and professional operation of sewage treatment facilities. High-tech enterprises. The company relies on core patent technology, strong R&D level, complete industry qualification, perfect service network and technical team to provide one-stop service for customers in the whole industry chain based on the field of environmental protection technology services and equipment manufacturing.

With technological innovation as its core competitiveness, the company has mastered the frontier technologies of laboratory waste low-pressure micro-electrolysis technology, photocatalytic oxidation technology, physical adsorption technology, ozone unit oxidation control technology, solid waste sludge treatment technology, granular sludge recycling technology, new ion resin denitrification and dephosphorization technology, A/O micro-dynamic contact oxidation technology and so on. Adhering to the idea of "scientific and technological progress drives enterprise development", the company has established a school-enterprise cooperation relationship with Qilu University of Technology (Shandong Academy of Sciences) - Environmental Science and Engineering College.

Through ISO19001 quality system, ISO28001 occupational health and safety system and ISO24001 environmental quality system certification, the company has a number of core patents and scientific and technological achievements appraisal. The company will continue to uphold the core values of continuous innovation, pursuit of perfection and responsibility, customer-centered, science and technology as the guide, to truly solve pollution as its responsibility, excellent products and products. First-class service is to ensure sustainable development, so that the company can grow steadily and rapidly into an international, modern and professional large-scale comprehensive environmental protection enterprise.

The company has perfect management system, sound organization, strong technical force, complete qualification certificates and standardized operation. It has gathered a group of excellent scientific research and technology and management professionals, which can provide good pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale service for customers. We will wholeheartedly make customer satisfaction products, customer satisfaction is our unremitting pursuit.

Our vision

Establish domestic leading environmental knowledge innovation enterprises with independent intellectual property rights, integrate design, construction, production, sales, operation and service into one large-scale environmental protection science and technology enterprises.

Our idea

Flexible innovation, practical entrepreneurship, building model projects, Shulingke image.

Our values

Be kind to the environment, protect your health, the grace of dripping water, Yongquan Xiangbao, national rejuvenation, industry for the country.