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Strength and Weakness of "Fine Pipe" Reinforcement Plate to Promote New Development

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Editor's Note: Where should the canal be clear so that it can be used as a source of living water? Our county's "five-water co-governance" from surface water control to deep-seated source water treatment, water quality improvement, the work from the river outlet to the source of sewage. This year, our county concentrates its efforts on the construction of "zero-direct sewage drainage area", and formulates and promulgates the implementation plan of "zero-direct sewage drainage area" in Wuyi County, pushing forward the construction of "zero-direct sewage drainage area" throughout the county, focusing on improving sewage treatment capacity, promoting the transformation of sewage interception and receiving pipes and rain-sewage diversion, establishing and improving long-term operation and maintenance mechanism, and striving to achieve the basic level of the county by 2021. Build a "zero direct sewage discharge zone" to promote the overall and stable improvement of water quality of all types of water bodies in the whole region.

Establishment of "Sewage Zero Direct Drainage Area"

Adhering to the principle of "full coverage, verifiability and long-term management", according to the principle of "overall planning, Park first, step-by-step promotion and comprehensive compliance with the standards", and taking advantage of three years of regulation, through upgrading sewage treatment capacity, promoting sewage interception and sewage diversion transformation, establishing and improving long-term operation and maintenance mechanism, the sewage in all administrative areas of the County should be divided into parts, cut off and disposed of. Full coverage of sewage treatment, the realization of rain and sewage diversion, the elimination of sewage direct drainage in the whole region, to promote the overall and stable improvement of water quality in the whole region. Towns and industrial functional areas within the county can achieve full sewage collection, full coverage of pipeline network, full diversion of rain and sewage, full permission of drainage, and full treatment of villages. The drainage outlet along the river has no drainage on sunny days and sewage does not enter the river. The water quality of the surface water environmental function area monitoring and assessment section reaches the standard rate of 100%, and the V-type water body is eliminated completely.

Time plan

By the end of 2018, we will ensure the completion of the construction tasks of "zero direct sewage drainage area" in one town, two residential areas, one demonstration site for ecological treatment of aquaculture tail water, and other townships (streets) to complete basic technical investigation and create special programs, and actively promote the establishment of "zero direct sewage drainage area".

By August 2019, more than one-third of the township (street), Industrial Park (enterprise), living quarters, other pollution sources (restaurants, hotels, car washes, foot baths, beauty salons, laundry and dry cleaning and other "six small industries" business units, along the street stores, schools, hospitals, market and other personnel-intensive places, office space of government enterprises and institutions) will be completed. "Sewage Zero Direct Drainage Area" unit creation task.

By August 2020, all townships (streets), development zones and hot spring resorts in the county will comprehensively promote the establishment of "zero direct sewage discharge zones", striving to create more than 70% of townships (streets) and development zones to complete more than 70% of blocks.

By August 2021, the county has basically built a "zero direct sewage drainage area" and completed the creation task synchronously with the city. All townships (streets) are encouraged to complete the establishment of "zero direct sewage discharge zones" ahead of schedule. By the end of 2022, we will ensure that "zero direct sewage discharge area" will be built at a high level in the county.

Strictly renovate the four major blocks to promote rain and sewage diversion and interception

Standardize management and improve long-term mechanism

Establish and improve the system of transfer of established pipeline networks and archives management, implement the drainage permit system in an all-round way, and effectively strengthen the supervision of sewage discharge from drainage households.

Strengthen the daily maintenance of built drainage facilities, establish and improve the transfer and archives management system of built pipeline networks, strictly implement the mechanism of pipeline network inspection, detection, silt removal and maintenance, and earnestly implement the daily maintenance and management responsibilities.

Regional Construction Standards

Cluster of industrial enterprises:

1. Rainfall and sewage diversion should be strictly implemented in the agglomeration area. Rainfall and sewage collection systems are complete. Pipeline network layout is reasonable and operation is normal.

2. The centralized sewage treatment facilities will be built in the agglomeration area according to the regulations, and the sewage production will match the sewage treatment facilities.

3. All sewage outlets in the agglomeration area have been renovated to achieve "no drainage on sunny days and no sewage on rainy days".

4. The production and industrial wastewater pipelines in the agglomeration area should be open-pipe and ground-based. The pollutant discharge enterprises such as chemical industry, electroplating, printing and dyeing and heavy metal discharge enterprises must be open-pipe and ground-based.

5. Enterprises should build an independent rainwater and sewage diversion system. Industrial wastewater, domestic wastewater and rainwater should be separated and divided into two parts.

6. Domestic sewage of enterprises, including bathing sewage and catering sewage, is collected and discharged up to standard after treatment or incorporated into municipal sewage network.

Living quarters:

1. Rainfall and sewage diversion drainage system is adopted, and a perfect drainage network of rain and sewage is built, with a clear trend of the pipeline network. Rain, sewage pipes, sewage wells, pumping stations and other ancillary facilities are operating normally.

2. Drainage of residential buildings should be connected to sewage pipe network. If the water quality of the receiving water body can not meet the functional requirements, the drainage of Yangtai (dew) platform must be connected to the sewage pipe network.

3. Rain-sewage confluence system can be used in urban villages and suburban junctions which have been planned for demolition or reconstruction within 2 years, but temporary sewage interception and collection facilities must be built, and sewage must not be discharged directly.

4. The drainage outlet of the inland river in the block is in place to achieve "no drainage on sunny days and no sewage on rainy days".

5. Establish and implement the mechanism of regular inspection, maintenance and rectification of rainwater and sewage pipeline networks.

Enterprises, institutions and operating households:

1. Strict separation of rain and sewage. Sewage must be collected separately and integrated into municipal sewage pipelines or discharged up to standard after treatment.

2. Oil pollution should be separated in industries where oil pollution occurs. Sewage must be pretreated by oil-separating pools in accordance with the regulations before it can be discharged into municipal sewage pipelines; cooking fumes shall not be discharged through sewers. Sewage from construction site vehicle cleaning, automobile filling station, car wash shop, large bus station and so on shall be discharged into municipal sewage pipe network after oil-separated sand sink.

3. guesthouse