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Sewage treatment equipment for small clinics

LK series of small outpatient clinic sewage treatment equipment is developed by our company on the basis of in-depth study of advanced technology of similar products at home and abroad, after years of exploration, innovation and practice, using the latest technology and special high-quality materials. The product is characterized by complete specifications, pure products, easy operation, low operating costs, low failure rate and long service life. Its comprehensive performance ranks the leading level in China.

In view of the large number of bacteria, viruses, eggs and other pathogens in the effluent of small outpatient clinics and other medical institutions, which have the characteristics of space pollution, acute infection and latent infection, and have great harmfulness, our company is careful in the development and development of ozone disinfection products, and has developed a number of LK series ozone disinfection machines on the market. A large number of equipment has been operating throughout the country. The equipment is widely used in dental clinics, dental clinics, cosmetic surgery, ophthalmology, community outpatient clinics, physical examination centers, pet hospitals and outpatient clinics, small animal husbandry laboratories, operating rooms, laboratories and other sewage treatment.

  • ★Equipment features:

    1. Pipeline liquid level induction control, equipment to achieve pipeline water automatic operation, water-free automatic standby;

    2. Fully automatic operation of the whole system without special management;

    3. PLC full touch control screen, the operation settings are simpler, and it is not easy to burn the screen.

    4. There is no need for civil pools or equipments to bring sewage treatment tanks to save costs.

    5. Ozone oxidation disinfection sterilization, sterilization rate as high as 99%, more thorough disinfection;

    6. It is safer and healthier to operate without adding chemicals.

    ★Working principle:

    The sterilization mechanism of ozone disinfection is to destroy and oxidize the cell membrane, cytoplasm, enzyme system and nucleic acid of microorganisms, so that bacteria and viruses can be quickly inactivated. Ozone uses electrolytic air as raw material to kill pathogenic microorganisms, bacteria and viruses in sewage of medical institutions.

    LK dental sewage treatment equipment for sewage treatment does not need to add drugs, nor does chlorine discharge exceed the standard, and does not generate follow-up investment costs. Fully automatic operation of the whole set of equipment, without personnel management and maintenance.

    ★Implementation criteria:

    Other Regions: Relevant Standards of National Standards for Pretreatment of Wastewater Discharge from Medical Institutions (GB18466-2005)

    ★Technological process

  • ★Installation Conditions

    1.The equipment should be installed indoors to avoid direct sunlight. The working temperature and environment of the equipment should not be less than 0 C.

    2. Installation equipment should have 220V power outlet and good ventilation.

    3. The ground between equipments should be laid with cement or floor tiles as far as possible (make sure the ground is leveled).


    Installation procedures and precautions

    1. Installation Program

    Because the equipment has been assembled before leaving the factory, the installation only needs to select a good location and dock the outlet pipeline.

    2. Installation Notes

    The installation location of the equipment should generally be close to the water source and easy to operate. When installing, attention should be paid to reserving a certain space for maintenance, so as to facilitate maintenance.

    For the parts that have been packed at the time of leaving the factory, they should be re-checked after opening the box and tightened for the loose parts.

  • ★Pre-use preparation and inspection

    1.Open the cover of the equipment and check whether the connection position of each component is loose.

    2. The equipment is electrified to check whether the self-priming pump and other electrical components are working properly (just click).

    3. Long-term operation of aircrafts is strictly prohibited.

    ★Operation and use of equipment

    1. Connect the water inlet and outlet pipelines of the equipment and connect them to the AC 220V power supply.

    2. First, start the device to enter the operating system interface, and first select the control state. The running state is green and the stop state is red.

    Manual control state: start and stop the self-priming pump and disinfection pump manually.

    Automatic control state: The equipment is controlled by liquid level signal. When the incoming water signal is detected, the equipment starts to run. When the incoming water signal is cancelled, the equipment will stop in accordance with the set delay time.

    Cyclic control state: The equipment is completely controlled by the set time, intermittent start and stop.

    3. When using self-priming suction equipment, it is necessary to add water diversion into the built-in suction pump of the equipment.

    4. Water diversion can be operated only after the completion of water diversion.

    5. Installation of equipment refers to installation drawings.

    Matters needing attention:

    1. The equipment should be installed indoors to avoid direct sunlight. The working temperature and environment of the equipment should not be less than 0 C.

    2. The voltage stability must be guaranteed when the equipment is running.

    3. The self-priming pump must be diverted before it is electrified. It can't idle, which can cause damage.

    4. When shutdown is stopped, the self-contained power switch of the equipment should be closed after all the equipment stops operating.

    5. The equipment should be inspected regularly when it is running, and the abnormal situation should be handled in time.