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Integrated prefabricated pumping station

LK integrated prefabricated pumping station (hereinafter referred to as pumping station) is a new generation of environmental protection pumping station, which is designed, manufactured, assembled and transported to the site by the factory.

Pumping station series products have the characteristics of short construction period, convenient installation, small size, high efficiency, intelligent networking and other modern products. Compared with the traditional pumping station, the civil engineering quantity is less and the investment can be reduced by more than half. The product quality is reliable, and it is a substitute for the traditional concrete sewage lifting pumping station.

  • Product characteristics:

    1. Customization on demand: Each set of pumping stations is designed according to the parameters provided to ensure that the operating conditions of the pumping stations meet the operational requirements.

    2. Advanced design: The most advanced CFO flow field calculation in the world is used to discharge solid particles such as silt as far as possible.

    3. Industrial control design: using Schneider Electric, touch screen design, including communication RS485 interface. Pumping stations should have the functions of manual control, automatic control and remote detection, and they should be able to switch freely between different control modes.

    4. New material: The cylinder structure of pumping station is made of GRP. It adopts the equipment of VEM company. It can automatically control the continuous winding type to ensure uniform thickness and achieve the designed stiffness. The quality is stable and excellent.

    Fittings Standard: All fittings are designed and manufactured in the factory, including pressure piping, maintenance platform, maintenance climbing ladder, grille filter device, coupling system, pump lifting system, ventilation device, anti-skid well cover, lighting system, etc.

    6. Beautiful appearance: All the pumping stations are buried underground. There are only maintenance holes and control boxes on the ground. Landscape management rooms can also be selected to be placed on the ground, which is in harmony with the surrounding environment.

    7. Cost savings: Pumping station is a complete supply, all internal installation and commissioning work is completed in the factory, the site only needs to install the pump station as a whole, which greatly reduces the construction cycle and engineering costs, and reduces the overall investment of the owners.

    Service life: The material of pump barrel is made of FRP, and the anti-corrosive materials such as SUS304 and hot-dip galvanizing are used. No maintenance is needed. The normal service life can reach more than 10 years.

    8. Easy maintenance: All pumps and basket grilles are equipped with guideways, which can be demolished and installed by express delivery during maintenance.

    Function expansion: reserve communication interface to facilitate customer centralized management.

  • Scope of application:

    1. Collection and transportation of sewage from living quarters or rural communities;

    2. Collection and transportation of sewage from municipal sewage treatment plants;

    3. Rainwater collection and transportation in urban low-lying areas;

    4. Construction and transformation of municipal sewage pipe network;

    5. Renovation and expansion of old pumping stations;

    6. Water cycle of lakes;

    7. Other occasions;

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