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Chlorine dioxide doser

LK chlorine dioxide doser uses chlorine dioxide disinfectant or chlorine dioxide AB disinfectant as raw material, after static activation, it is added to the water body to be disinfected as a new type of oxidant and disinfectant. With its high efficiency, broad spectrum, no residue, no by-product disinfection ability and decolorization, deodorization, odor removal and other strong oxidation ability, chlorine dioxide has become a leader in the field of water treatment. 。 Compared with the traditional disinfectants such as ultraviolet, ozone, sodium hypochlorite and liquid chlorine, chlorine dioxide has unique advantages, and it has become the first choice of the industry.

  • Advantages of chlorine dioxide doser:

    1. It is convenient to purchase raw materials, which can be purchased directly from Lingke Environmental Protection, instead of running for the purchase of hydrochloric acid.

    2. The purity of chlorine dioxide is over 98%, and the effect is good.

    3. Automation control system, humanized design, simple operation.

    4. The original imported electromagnetic diaphragm metering pump is used for accurate metering, long service life and simple maintenance.

    5. No longer use tap water as power, 72 tap water can be saved every day!

    6. The main equipment adopts grade A original ecological UPVC plate, and its corrosion resistance is 90% higher than that of traditional plate.

    7. Equipped with automated material system, it saves time, effort and worry!

    8. The technical and economic indicators have reached the advanced international level.

    9. Equipment is highly integrated. Installation only requires access to water pipes, disinfectant outlet pipes and power supply. If the controller fails, it only needs to send the controller back to the company without personnel to the site.

    Product composition:

    Storage medicine box, chemical system, control system, safety protection system, dosing system

    Using raw materials:

    Stable chlorine dioxide disinfectant powder

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    Main application areas:

    Hospital sewage disinfection

    Disinfection of domestic sewage

    Rural drinking water disinfection

    Drinking water disinfection in aquaculture farms

    Urban tap water disinfection

    Decolorization treatment of printing and dyeing wastewater

    High-rise secondary water supply disinfection

    Algae control and sterilization of industrial cooling water

    Disinfection of swimming pool and circulating water

  • Characteristics of LK chlorine dioxide generator doser:

    1. High conversion rate of raw materials and low cost of poison consumption.

    2. Chlorine dioxide has high purity and good effect.

    3. Low failure rate and long service life

    4. The reactor is made of imported materials with high temperature and corrosion resistance, and the supporting parts are made of world-renowned brands. The service life of the inner liner of the equipment is up to 10 years.

    5. Easy to operate and use

    6. High degree of automation, only touch the "start, stop" button to complete the equipment operation.

    7. Equipments operate stably and reliably to ensure that water quality meets the standards

    8. Adopt high sensitivity and corrosion-resistant electromagnetic metering pump to ensure that two kinds of raw materials are put into the reactor accurately and proportionally so as to stabilize the output and quality of chlorine dioxide.

    9. Safety automatic diagnosis to ensure that the equipment starts running under safe conditions

    10. Introduce the safety on-line detection device developed by foreign advanced technology to detect the generator's operation at all times. When the generator's operation index deviates from the standard value, it will automatically alarm and stop to ensure that the generator can operate under safe conditions.

    11. Intelligent Interconnection and Easy Control

    12. Using various communication modes, users can know the operation status of the generator on the computer, and can monitor, control and maintain the generator remotely.

    13. Short start-up time, energy saving and environmental protection

    14. Automatic Reset Safety Device Protects Equipment Safety

    15. Under abnormal circumstances, the safety device can automatically open and reset quickly to prevent equipment damage.

    Concentration of LK chlorine dioxide doser:

    Application scope

    Use concentration

    Hospital sewage

    30g/m³-50 g/m³

    Recycled water

    5g/m³-10 g/m³

    Industrial circulating water

    3g/m³-5 g/m³

    Underground Drinking Water

    0.5g/m³-1.2 g/m³

    Surface Drinking Water


    The two water supply

    0.1g/m³-0.5 g/m³


    Determine by small-scale test