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The growth rate of carbon emissions in China has gradually decreased to zero since 2013.

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China's carbon emission growth rate is gradually decreasing

Beijing, Nov. 18 (Reporter Zhao Yongxin) Ministry of Science and Technology recently released the "Global Ecological Environment Remote Sensing Monitoring 2018 Annual Report", which shows that in 2017, China's per unit GDP carbon emission intensity decreased by 46% compared with 2005, China's carbon emission reduction effect is obvious, the emission growth rate gradually reduced, since 2013, the growth rate is basically zero.

It is understood that the report selected "global carbon source and sink spatial and temporal distribution status", "one belt and one road" ecological environment situation and trend, and "global grain and oil production situation" 3 topics for monitoring and analysis.

According to the report, the global atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration showed an upward trend from 2010 to 2017, and the growth rate did not decrease but increased compared with the previous 40 years, indicating that global efforts are still needed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and cope with climate change. Although China's carbon emissions generally show an upward trend, the government has actively adopted measures such as promoting the application of clean energy and implementing major ecological projects. The effect of carbon emission reduction is obvious, and the growth rate of carbon emissions has gradually decreased. Since 2013, the growth rate has been basically zero.

According to Wang Qian'an, director of the National Remote Sensing Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the main scientific research departments of the National Remote Sensing Center in the United Nations have continuously carried out the annual report on remote sensing monitoring of the global ecological environment, which has been published six times in a row.