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五指山市:打好扶贫“组合拳” 跑出脱贫“加速度”

五指山市:打好扶贫“组合拳” 跑出脱贫“加速度”

The original theme: Wuzhishan City will reduce the incidence of poverty to the lowest point in history, and do a good job in poverty alleviation "combination boxing" to escape the "acceleration" of poverty alleviation.

In the deep winter, Wuzhishan city is full of water, and Maona village is surrounded by mountains. Wang Dade and some friends in the village, surrounded by the newly bought barbecue grill, serve freshly cured pork with five flowers. A delicious barbecue is about to begin. With the sound of "nourishing" pork on a baking tray, the fragrance came out.

"Has been busy for a year, hard brother several, now the weather is cold, no tea green can be picked, today I invite you to eat barbecue, drink some wine warm body." Originally, the villagers who had a barbecue with Wang Dade were members of the tea cooperative in the village. Since 2017, under the leadership of Wang Dade, a returning College student, many villagers have picked up the old tea-making techniques which have been abandoned for many years.

In recent years, the Wuzhishan Municipal Committee and the Municipal Government have always regarded poverty alleviation as the primary political task and the first livelihood project, and insisted on taking poverty alleviation as the main task of the whole city.

Up to now, 647 households, 2337 people have been lifted out of poverty, 7 poor villages have taken off "hats" and successfully completed the annual plan issued by the province. At the same time, the incidence of poverty in the city dropped from 5.13% in the mid-year survey to 1.34%.

Industrial poverty alleviation

"Since I raised pheasants, my family's income has increased a lot, and now life is getting better and better." A few days ago, Xiao Zhang, just out of poverty, looked at his pheasant and said to the reporter of Hainan Daily with a smile.

In Maotang Village, Maoyang Town, Wuzhishan City, wild pheasant farming is carried out in the mode of "village Party branch + cooperative + poor household", which makes the dream of getting rid of poverty and getting rich in the deep mountains come true.

"In the past, I would not raise chickens. With the help of the cooperative, I mastered the technology of raising chickens. Now I just need to look at the chicken manure to know if the chickens are sick." Another villager in Maothang village told reporters that he planned to expand the scale of farming next year. "It's up to them to become rich in the future!"

It is understood that in 2018, Five Fingers Group actively guided the poor households to develop the characteristic farming industry with good industrial foundation and high economic benefits, and arranged 58 million 546 thousand yuan for all kinds of funds. Through the "village Party branch + cooperatives + poor households", "Vocational Colleges + demonstration spots + poor households", the main business of the city was guided to lead the poor households to "tug together" to develop wild pheasants, five legged pigs, civet cats and trees. Special industries such as larvae and weeds.

At the same time, by vigorously implementing the support of the whole industrial chain of agriculture, we built 7 Five Fingers Group five feet pig standardized breeding base, 6 five finger wild pheasant standardized breeding base, 10 perennial melon and vegetable base, and led the poor people to take the road of standardization, scale and industrialization to cultivate and become rich. Through improving infrastructure such as water and fertilizer integration, we will continue to consolidate and upgrade traditional industries such as tea, Camellia oleifera and puzzle planted by poor households, so as to drive the poor people to increase their income steadily and continuously.

Poverty alleviation should first support the will and wisdom. Relevant officials of the Wuzhishan Poverty Alleviation Office said that in order to stimulate the motive force of poverty alleviation, Wuzhishan City vigorously carried out reward and compensation activities. "We awarded the title of"Star-Star Demonstration Households for Overcoming Poverty"to 58 poor households who actively participated in poverty alleviation, actively developed poverty alleviation industries, had strong willingness to withdraw from poverty alleviation and had high quality in 2017, and each household was awarded 2,000 yuan. We also vigorously implemented the "piglet Award" and so on to replace the subsidy policy with the reward generation, and reward the poor households for breeding five feet pigs and breeding winter melon and vegetables. By the end of November, 13622 infants and 36416 mu of melon and vegetable planting in winter were subsidized by 13622 yuan and 2184 thousand yuan respectively, which effectively stimulated the initiative and enthusiasm of poor people in developing characteristic industries, the person in charge said.

五指山市:打好扶贫“组合拳” 跑出脱贫“加速度”

五指山市:打好扶贫“组合拳” 跑出脱贫“加速度”

Employment Poverty Alleviation Warms the Heart

"Now there is a job at the door of the home. It can take care of the family and earn income. It kills two birds with one stone. It's much better than going out to work." Zhao Guangming, a 50-year-old sanitation cleaner in Fanhe Village, Changhao Township, used to work in Haikou with a monthly salary of more than 3,000 yuan. Apart from rent and meals, he did not have much money to send home. Because his parents were not in good health, Zhao Guangming decided to stay at home after the Spring Festival this year. "Thanks to the help of the government, now I can have such a good life and work."

It is understood that in Fanhe Village, Changhao Township, like Zhao Guangming, many poor people work at home.

"The transfer and employment of labor force from poor families is an important measure to alleviate poverty. By the end of November, 859 people had been transferred and employed, and 171.8% of them had completed their annual task (500 people). The responsible person of the Wuzhishan Poverty Alleviation Office introduced that the city has formulated the Implementation Plan of the Special Work for Zero Employment Poor Families in Wuzhishan City. On the basis of continuing to consolidate the 1324 public welfare posts that have been developed, 607 public welfare posts for poverty alleviation have been newly developed this year, such as sanitation cleaners, ecological forest rangers and road guards. At the same time, we should strengthen cooperation with local vocational colleges and carry out 40 training courses on excavator operation skills, masonry skills and other employment skills in accordance with market demand, so as to enable poor families to master one skill. In addition, an average monthly employment and poverty alleviation special job fair will be held to enable the poor people to grasp the employment needs in a timely manner, so as to achieve employment at home.

Poverty Alleviation through Education

"This is a book issued by the school. I take it out whenever I have time. The cover is a little worn out." Holding a slightly wrinkled Chinese textbook, Xiaochun said happily. Xiaochun, 14, used to be a standard left-behind child of poor households. It was a luxury for her to go to school before. With the help of the government, Xiaochun returned to school in September this year. She was very happy to have her books back.

The relevant person in charge of Wuzhishan Education Bureau said that the municipal government of Wuzhishan Municipal Committee has always insisted on poverty alleviation through education as the fundamental policy to block the inter-generational transmission of poverty and precisely extricate poverty from the "poor roots". First, we will continue to implement poverty alleviation projects through education. In 2018, 7 513 educational grants were granted to the children of poor families from pre-school education to higher vocational education. The problem of "school difficulty" for children of poor families was effectively solved. Second, we will continue to increase efforts to control dropouts. Wuzhishan City has formulated and promulgated the "Implementation Plan for Further Strengthening the Control of Drop-out Insurance Schools and Improving the Consolidation Level of Compulsory Education", layering down responsibilities, and no drop-out due to poverty occurs at the stage of compulsory education for school-age students from poor families in the city. Third, we will continue to improve the conditions for running schools in rural areas. In 2018, 8 Township kindergartens were newly built or renovated to achieve full coverage of public Township kindergartens; digital resources of rural teaching points and intelligent voice teaching aids of village primary schools were fully covered; 8 Township Central schools successfully established standardized schools at the municipal level, and the level of rural preschool education and compulsory education was steadily improved.

New Appearance of Poverty Alleviation through Infrastructure

"At last, there's no need to run down the hill for drinking water anymore. Now you can have clean water sitting at home." Pointing to the newly repaired faucet pipeline, Tongshi Town should show villagers Liu Fugui to say happily. In the past, he had to worry about drinking water every day, one pole and two buckets, carrying water downhill and downhill to drink, when it rained, the water was always turbid. Now several families next door, including their own homes, have installed tap water, Liu Fugui said that there is no need to worry about the problem of drinking water. Similar sentiment goes beyond Liu Fugui. Fu Chunsheng, a villager of Nansheng Village in Nansheng Town, can't help but say, "If you want to be rich, build roads first, many kinds of trees!"

It is understood that since 2011, 283 rural drinking water safety projects have been completed in Wuzhishan City, including 13 rural drinking water safety projects invested 10.776 million yuan this year. The rural tap water penetration rate reached 98.9%, and the poor people basically drank drinking water that meets the hygienic standards. At the same time, the municipal government of Wuzhishan Municipal Committee, focusing on the seven poverty-stricken villages listed in the plan for poverty alleviation in 2018, has arranged 340 rural infrastructure projects of 195.533 million yuan, concentrating on the construction of 51.4 kilometres of household access roads and surrounding village roads, 25 bridges have been built and rebuilt, 13 rural sewage treatment facilities, 13 safe drinking water projects and other infrastructure, with a clear production and living conditions for the masses. Significant improvement, rural human settlements environment continued to improve. Just as the so-called knife sharpening and firewood choppers are correct, the infrastructure construction keeps pace with them and the road to poverty alleviation is fully paved. (Reporter Jia Lei)